The school won't know  
which way is up or down!

We'll transform the school in a Mad Science Lab. Teachers and students will be amazed. Science in every corner of the building! Wherever you look, there are shows, workshops and activities everywhere. Everything guided by our enthusiastic Mad Scientists.


In short

From single shows to a complete day program.

Completely taken care of by our Mad Scientists. They even come to your school!

Experimenting and experiencing are fun for all ages.

An unforgettable program for pupils and teachers!

Activities for every budget and time period.

Also suitable for open days, fundraising, anniversaries and theme weeks!.

Plan your program

Six different science shows

75 different themes

Several activities and experiments

The Mad Science Effect

Mad Science was super fun! First we watched a super funny show with all the kids. Roman Ruikpluim did all these things with fire and then I was allowed on stage to help with the dry ice. Really cool! After that we got a workshop in class about atoms and molecules and I even made my own kneading gum. Then a real rocket was launched outside the school. Even my mother thought that was cool. In the afternoon we did some activities in groups. I think I liked the shooting with smoke the most!

Maledieve little rocket

Today we had a very educational day with Mad Science. I have been doing science for a longer time with my class, but this is really something new. A nice mix of entertainment and education. The Mad Scientists had the full attention from the beginning untill the end. It was really nice to see the pupils experimenting. I even participated with the kids! Mad Science took care of everything, which made me really enjoy this all.

Juf Ank Group 3

It might look strange at first when there's a group of people in white labcoats standing in front of your door. We knew what the program would be like, but the day itself completely exceeded our expectations. Personally I thought it was really nice that we could provide an exciting program for the whole school. A big plus was that we didn´t need any volunteers and that there was no need to book transport. The kids really enjoyed it and so did we!  

Anton Principle primary school de Klimop