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Stimulate curiosity
after school

What could be better than seeing your child come home with a lot of exciting stories to tell? During our fun and interactive programs, the kids develop skills they can use both now and in the future. Amazement and exploring form the basics of our courses. Now that's impressive!

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Happy Kids

Brent loves anything with a screen. He enjoys sitting on the sofa all day, watching Youtube, gaming, texting and changing the channel. He was pleasantly surprised with the Mad Science program. It gives him a much needed break from his devices and it contributes to his social life. The workshop about coding with ozo-bots was his favorite.

Brent "the Gamer"

Lina knows everything about everything. She reads and studies all day long. She loves knowing things and doesn't shy away from any challenge. The Mad Science program is completely up her alley. From theory to practice, that's how you reach for the stars.  

Lina "The know-it-all"

Joey is an explorer and engineer combined into one. Lego is, obviously, awesome and the Discoverychannel is always on in Joey's house. Exploring and researching many subjects fit perfectly into his lifestyle. Joey always uses the take-home materials in his own lab. His dream is to become a Mad Scientist one day.  

Joey "the Explorer"

Launch your child into the future
Work on the 21st century skills

Learn how to think critically and creatively.

Observe and be a problem solver.

Communicate, collaborate and launch new possibilities.

Why our activities
are awesome!

Suitable for all children, aged between 4-12.

The first experiences with biology, physics and chemistry

One of a kind program with 30 years of experience.

Fun and education all in one! A fun take-home after every workshop.

Enthusiastic Mad Scientist that want the kids to reach for the stars.

Exciting teaching methods and materials.