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21st century!

Our teachers bring science to life in the classroom. Mad Science programs have been developed to complement and enrich the regular curriculum.

Allow pupils and teachers to explore and design. Give them an experience for now and in the future.



Interested in minimal investment of your time, interactive teaching while reaching the primary goals? Our workshops have a wide range of themes. Our Mad Scientists will treat any subject from space travel to chemical reactions and from insects to programming robots and much more. Professional teaching methods, unique materials and our enthusiastic teachers offer an educational experience for the whole school! A perfect way to introduce science and technology to your pupils. Use today to start the education of tomorrow and book a workshop now!

Learning pathway science and technology

In collaboration with 30 primary schools, Mad Science has developed a learning pathway that blends in seamlessly with most of the usual methods (such as Argus Clou, Natuniek an Naut).

The learning pathway is implemented in three phases and is suitable for one single group aswell as the entire school.


Curious about our 75 different workshops? Go to   to see all workshops, per theme or schoolyear.

Our workshops in short

Designed for all kids in primary school.

Exploring different topics in a fun and accessible way.

Professional teachers with a passion for science.

Use of primary goals of nature and technology (40 up to and including 46).

Extra activities, smartboard and teaching materials.

Everything will be taken care of in the comfort of your own classroom.

Mad Science in action
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