Work 4 us

Have you gone mad?

Then you've come to the right organisation! We are looking for excited people who, among others, supervise courses at primary schools. Your audience will be children aged between 4 and 12 and you will usually be working in the afternoon. We launch rockets, make our own slime, dig up dino bones and a lot more mad science. If you're interested, please come have a look at one of the workshops. So much fun! Still excited? Follow our training, we will give you manuals and videos to practice. So you can be a Mad Scientist too! 


It's work, 
just a little different

Give kids an unforgettable time.

Perform the most crazy experiments and activities .

Learn to present in front of smaller and larger groups

Feel like a rockstar with a lot of fans

Launch a rocket.

Be part of a bonkers team.

We go on!

With each lesson there is an experiment for home to bring the lessons directly into practice

We want you!

We are looking for someone aged between 18 and 80. Someone who likes to have fun at work and who likes to learn new things. Someone who understands kids and can give a smooth and enthusiastic performance.

I want to apply

What do I have to do?

We will first let you experience how it feels to be a Mad Scientist. You will accompany a colleague. If you like it, which you surely will, we will give you a training and you can take home the materials to practice. We work with the most fun gadgets to perform the craziest experiments. You'll be alright for sure! Your first workshops will be guided by a more experienced Mad Scientist. That's probably a little exciting, but your nerves will disappear once the kids start with their first experiment.