Mad Science the Netherlands

Since 2004, we inspire children through science, sparking lifelong imagination and curiosity. Our Mad Scientists amaze people of all ages with their experiments. We organise activities and shows at schools, companies, festivals and even in your living room.

Educate, have fun and make a difference

Girl in white space suit and an open helmet with navy blue strips on arms holding side of her head.

Mad Science Group

Mad Science was founded in 1985 in Montreal, Canada by two brothers, Ariel and Ron Shlien. Their hobby of conducting spectacular science experiments to the amazement of the children in their neighborhood grew into a thriving business. Today, Mad Science is the world's leader in science education for children.

Mad Science the Netherlands


Founded in 2004

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Over 200 Mad Scientists

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8 offices in the Netherlands

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We reach 500,000 children every year

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Over 2400 schools

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We learn something new every day