Special Events

Spectacular &
entertaining events

Our shows and funstations will definitely draw some attention. Watch the kids enjoy themselves while making their own slime or while programming a robot. We have many amazing demonstrations and activites in store, some of them will even link perfectly to your own organisation activities.

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In short ...

From opening to corporate events and from anniversaries to local parties.

Completely taken care of by our Mad Scientist.

Full of action, humor and enthusiasm.

An unforgettable and educational program for all guests.

From a single show to a program that will fill up your day.

Activities for every budget and timeframe.

Our activities brought into vision


Dry ice


Silly Putty



The possibilities

Science Shows

Banging presentations in which the audience is treated to the most fun parts of science. The shows are suitable for larger audiences.

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The kids will get cracking themselves and will learn, with the greatest of ease, about a scientific theme. The most popular activities are the funstations where the kids make something they can take home with them.


An impression of our events

TMC-group Eindhoven, opening of their new building for their employees.

Villa Arena, program for kids during the school holidays.

Shell Generation Discover, science shows for 30.000 visitors.

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam, collective program.

Theater de Speeldoos, educational afternoon for kids in Vught.

Easter market, funstations on the fair in Born.