After-School Programs

Enlighten your pupils and
bring them to next level

The easiest way to introduce more science and technology to your school is to begin an after-school course.

We start with a spectacular science show. After that our Mad Scientists provide an after-school course of six workshops for kids who have signed up.

When we have enough sign ups, the school will also get a workshop in their own classroom. No costs for the school and easy to organize!


Science Show

  • for the whole school*
  • for free
  • around 40 minutes
  • around 100 pupils per show
  • another show every year
  • suitable for auditorium, classroom or gym

*for all pupils who can sign up for the course

After-school course

  • series of 6 workshops
  • 60 minutes per workshop
  • several themes
  • new course every year
  • normal course for groups 3-8
  • junior course for preschooler possible
  • Take-home for at home

Why teachers love our workshops


Step by step

Get your team excited for the free show and after-school course. After this you plan 7 dates with us: one for the show and six for the workshops. The workshops begin 15 minutes after school is over.

Step 1.

Enjoy the show. Afterwards the kids receive a flyer to bring home. Their parents can sign up their child for the course. Mad Science takes care of all the communication with the parents. The school doesn't have to do anything. 

Step 2.

With enough sign ups, the course will start. We will send a namelist of participating kids. For every coursegroup the school will receive a Mad Science giftcertificate of 130,-.

Step 3.

Take it home!

With every workshop the kids will receive an experiment to put the things they learn into practice at home.

3 cool things kids can learn
at our after-school programs