Birthday Parties

Man launching Smoke Gun

Because a birthday party is the bomb!

Science and technology are fun and we make sure you see, hear and feel that! Our Mad Scientists put the birthday boy or girl in the spotlight and take care of the whole "party experiment". All you have to do is enjoy the experimenting kids with their faces full of wonder. Our parties can be organized at your own home or at one of our locations. You can plan the coolest birthday party in three simple steps!  

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Step by step

We guarantee you a fantastic experience with a take-home activity for all kids. Already experienced a Mad Science birthday party? Don't worry, there are different types of parties to choose from!  

1. The party including a take-home
up to 15 kids
starting at 145,- (60 minutes)

Whether you choose to launch a rocket or to make cotton candy, it sure will be an amazing party! With every addition, the party will be extended by 30 minutes. This way you will have a completely new experience. See all the options below.

2. The additions 30 minutes for every addition starting at 30,- per addition

Want to party in style? Try our cool labcoats! As the icing on the cake, you can give the party guests (and the birthday boy or girl) a colourful goodiebag, fully packed with science gadgets to use at home.

3. Goodiebags/Labcoats 5,- per piece

Why parents love our
birthday parties.

Designed for kids aged between 4 to 12.

During the party the kids will be junior scientists.

No mess, no stress, our Mad Scienctist come to you!

Super cool science activities with the best take-homes and additions.

Entertaining and educational.

Multiple additions to customize your child's birthday.  

Our additions

3,2,1, lift-off! Launch a rocket at your party

Discover (and taste) the sweet science of cotton candy!

Dry ice! Our coolest addition. Success guaranteed!

Shooting vortex. Fun with smoke rings, watch them go.

Van de Graaff. A big, mysterious globe full of energy.

Volcanoes, chemical substances and recreating a vulcano

Goodiebags, full of science to use at home!

Labcoats, party in style with these semi-disposable labcoats with logo!